About Us

About Us

Rajam Prima IT Solutions (or Prima Group in short), engaged in the creation of websites, seeks to provide the best website for its clients. Proficient in website designing, website development, image editing, search engine optimization, content writing, photography and data analysis, it is our motto to ensure maximum satisfaction of the clients.

We seek to deliver in a time-bound manner, the works entrusted with us. It is in our blood to create and develop the best websites available online that are visually fascinating and acutely user-friendly. For us, design and content are paramount. A good website is one that is aesthetically rich and easily understandable in design and in content. And development is a process that takes the design to the next stage, infusing it with life and substance.

We put our heads together and plan every single minutiae of the website. With each of the discussions giving us multiple perspectives, we are able to immensely improve the designs and ourselves.

All that we are helps us to move forward towards our goal to be one of the biggest and exemplary website creators. The unrelenting Samaritan in us urges us to create websites that help the world become a better place. For this, we are involved in various projects, which are in various stages of completion.

How We Work


The foundation of any process is in its research. A good research helps in providing the best service for the client. Our professional approach to research even the smaller details of the website will never cease to satisfy the client and always meets the expectations.


Planning is the first step to success. Our plan, based on the deep research findings, helps in communicating in design and content the crux of the concept and also in effectively putting forward the information in the most enticing manner to benefit the client.


Plans must be followed by action. Developing the design and content into a live mouthpiece that convinces the viewers about the information conveyed is essential. Developing also involves development on ideas and concepts to provide more than what was planned based on the research.


Testing is the most important factor in any process. It reveals the gaps in the system that need to be corrected. The content and design would have to be tested to measure the quality before it is available to the viewer.



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